Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) sheet is originally developed for use in aerospace applications but soon found a home in countless industrial applications. PTFE sheet‘s unique characteristics include: chemical inertness (very few chemicals can attack it), extremely low coefficient of friction (nothing can stick to the material with any strength), high heat resistance (capable of service temperatures of 500° F) and extremely useful in cold temperature environments. 
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  • Modified PTFE Sheets are in order to meet the needs of customers to different working conditions, and reduce the cost. Kaxite research and design the modified ptfe sheets.

  • Pure PTFE sheet is featured by the best anti-chemical and dielectric properties among the already known plastics. It is also ageless, nonstick, and able to work from -180 ~ +260 degrees. Kaxite has three styles of PTFE sheets.

  • KAXITE expanded PTFE sheet as similar as GORE, KLINGER, TEADIT,etc. KAXITE expanded PTFE sheet is a universal sheet gasket material for most services, seals rough and irregular surfaces.

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