Pure PTFE Sheet

Pure PTFE Sheet

Pure PTFE sheet is featured by the best anti-chemical and dielectric properties among the already known plastics. It is also ageless, nonstick, and able to work from -180 ~ +260 degrees. Kaxite has three styles of PTFE sheets.

Model:KXT B301

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Product Description


KAXITE PTFE products includes sheets, rods, tubes, tapes and gaskets, etc. They are molded, skived or cut from 100% virgin PTFE. It has the best chemical corrosion resistance among known plastics, without being aging, lowest friction coefficient.

KAXITE B301S – Skived PTFE Sheet

KAXITE B301M -- Molded PTFE Sheet

KAXITE B301F -- Filled PTFE Sheet

The filled PTFE sheet are molded PTFE resin mixed with the most frequently used filler materials, glass fiber, carbon fiber and graphite, etc. This style sheet has improved compression strength, better abrasion resistance, high thermal conductivity and lower expansion compared with pure PTFE sheets.

Typical Application:

>Made for sealing gaskets

>Electrical insulation parts, lining, oil less lubricating materials etc.

Prime Features:

>Best chemical corrosion resistance

>Lowest friction coefficient, wear resistance

Technical Data:

Temperature: -180~+260°C

Style Products Tensile strength Pressure Mpa Density g/cm3 Temperature oC
B301S Skived PTFE 15 Mpa 12 2.1~2.3 -100~+260
B301M Molded PTFE 14 Mpa 10 2.1~2.3 -100~+250
B301F Filled PTFE 10 Mpa 16 2.1~2.5 -100~+320


Size mm Thickness mm Tolerance mm
150x150 1.0~30 +/-0.30~+/-0.50
250x250 1.5~30 +/-0.30~+/-0.50
300x300 1.5~30 +/-0.30~+/-0.50
450x450 1.5~30 +/-0.30~+/-0.50
600x600 1.5~30 +/-0.30~+/-0.50
800x800 1.5~30 +/-0.30~+/-0.50
1000x1000 1.5~30 +/-0.30~+/-0.50
1200x1200 2~30 +/-0.30~+/-0.50
1000x2000 3~30 +/-0.30~+/-0.60
1500x1500 3~35 +/-0.30~+/-0.60
2000x2000 5~35 +/-0.30~+/-0.60
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