Non-asbestos Beater Sheet

Non-asbestos Beater Sheet

Non-asbestos Beater Sheet is made from synthetic emulsion, plant fiber and filling material. It is a high performance medium density material. Have excellent sealing at medium flange loads, it is recommended as replacement to Synthetic Fiber in automotive applications. We also provide Synthetic Fiber papers.

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Product Description


KAXITE Non-asbestos Beater Sheet is a high performance medium density material for use as soft gasket manufactured from a blend of cellulose and aramid fibers combined with reinforced inorganic filler, imparts an excellent sealing at medium flange loads. It has good compressibility and coefficient of resilience. The inside can properly swell to meet oil which affected self-sealing.

KAXITE B103V is vulcanized Synthetic Fiber beater sheet with smooth faces.

Typical Application

>Suitable for automobile, farm machinery, motors, etc

>it can be used in oil system and water supply system at temperature 150 deg.C

Prime Features

>100% not including asbestos

>Wide range of temperatures

>Meet oil can be affected self-sealing

Technical Data

Item Unit B103 B103V
Density G/cm3 0.9~1.1 1.2~1.4
Tensile strength ≥Mpa 12.7
Compressibility % 15+/-5
Recovery ≥% 45
Stress relaxation ≤% 35
Weight increase (in oil) ≤% 35
Thickness increase (in oil) ≤% 15


Item Tolerance
Thickness +/-mm
0.5 0.05
0.6~0.8 0.06
1.0~2.0 0.08


>Black, grey, etc. It can be produced following your requirements.

>With anti-stick (B103S), Graphite coating (B103G)

>Can put your logo on.


>Thickness: 0.3~2.0mm

>500x1500mm; 500x1000mm; 500x500mm; 500x1200mm; 1000x1500mm; 1000x1200mm;

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